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"Once a Red Dragon,
Always a Red Dragon"
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Clan Red Dragon

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The Red Dragons welcomes members from Gears of War, Call of Duty,
Ultima Online, Quake, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and more.

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Inquest Gamer Magazine Features the Red Dragons Nationwide

Quote - "In July 1996, I came across a website one day, put together by Moebius of the Red Dragons, that listed CLANS ... listed them with graphics and a description of each clan, one by one. It was a very tedious process for Moebius. Moebius and the Red Dragons where THE clan resources back then. RD-Moebius did a terrific job and I wouldn't have started Quake Clan Ring without him" Will Bryant ID Software 12/22/96 on the creation of clans

Quote -
"It was so odd the way it happened, the formation of clans, internally, we at ID software had talked about clans of warriors forming after we released quake, we never talked publicly about it, and to have the same terminology apparently spontaneously evolve in the user community was pretty weird.

I love it!"
John Carmack  ID Software 1/8/97

Quote -
"I got back from Japan right after Quake 1 Shareware came out, and there were maybe a dozen clans, like the Red Dragons, The Amish and some others. I didn't think that clans would go so far as they have." Founder - Impulse 9, Early Quake Pioneers

In July of 1996 the Red Dragons were formed. A handful of new players to quake started a "Clan" and soon ID Software's Will Bryant took notice and that term became adopted throughout the Quake World. ClanRing was introduced by ID software and the Red Dragons were inducted into the Clan Hall of Fame at ID Software. In September of 1997 the Red Dragons began playing Ultima Online. Our gaming fraternity has grown to other gaming realms and thousands of RD members have gone through our ranks. The Red Dragons have become a legendary fraternity of worldwide gamers. To all who have come and gone we say "thank you." Many have left a legacy behind them. Some have gone off to college and some have gotten married and relocated. Whatever the case may be, remember, once a Red Dragon, always a Red Dragon! Redkiller

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